A personal self discovery amidst the technology of today

When you know yourself, really know yourself, you can live according to your values and passions, make a positive contribution to the world and simply have more fun, said Polly Campbell, a blogger, speaker and author who specializes in positive psychology, personal development and spirituality. It also influences our connection to others. For instance, you might need sleepa massage, exercise or rest.

A personal self discovery amidst the technology of today

What are you most passionate about? What are your unique characteristics? What do you most want to be remembered for? In what ways are you sometimes misunderstood?

What childhood beliefs still impact you today? What is unfinished in your life? Answering these and other thought-provoking questions require you to engage in a process called self-discovery.

The Journey of Self-Discovery Self-discovery is a journey or pilgrimage in which we seek to heighten our awareness of self. It takes courage to examine the innermost parts of our being; but we must be willing to work through any pain and discomfort to create change and experience life more fully.

If you want to manifest the best of who you are destined to be, self-discovery is key. Aspects of Self-Discovery 1. This involves our capacity to engage in introspection to learn more about our fundamental nature and purpose.

Use the following questions to promote self-reflection: Who am I listening to and why? What am I tolerating? How and where am I committing my time and energy? If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?

What am I doing today to help improve my life tomorrow? This refers to the confidence we have in ourselves. Our personal integrity depends upon our ability to trust ourselves. To develop self-trust, stay connected and maintain a good relationship with yourself by: This is the ability to forego personal interests for the greater good and is one of the most important traits of influential leadership.

Excessive giving can create internal resentment, so self-sacrifice does not mean scrapping all of your interests. It means balancing your interests in ways that will positively impact humankind e.

Becoming self-actualized can be a lengthy process in terms of unlocking your greatest potential. If you feel stagnant, overworked and under-appreciated, you can employ techniques to overcome challenges and put yourself on the path to self-fulfillment by: It involves getting clear about and setting intentions around how we choose to think, feel and behave.

The process of self-discovery is a powerful continuous improvement exercise.

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Use it as an opportunity to understand your past, appreciate your present, and create your future.Self-reflection is a powerful tool for cultivating a fulfilling, meaningful life.

When you dig deeper, you can discover “what it is you know, what you think [and] how you want to be in the world. Apr 16,  · The goals of a stay include healthy lifestyle changes, self-discovery and transformation.

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A personal self discovery amidst the technology of today
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