Adaboost matlab toolbox manual

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Adaboost matlab toolbox manual

Managing Time-stamped Tabular Data with Timetable Technical Indicators and Financial Charts Compute technical indicators including moving averages, momentums, oscillators, volume indicators, and rate of change and create financial charts including candlestick, open-high-low-close, and Bollinger band charts.

Financial charts and technical indicators.


Investment Performance Metrics Evaluate investment performance using built-in functions for calculating metrics such as Sharpe ratio, information ratio, tracking error, risk-adjusted return, sample lower partial moments, expected lower partial moments, maximum drawdown, and expected maximum drawdown.

Equity curve from backtesting with performance metrics. Portfolio Optimization and Asset Allocation Construct, optimize, and analyze portfolios with various objectives and constraints.

Efficient Portfolios and Efficient Frontiers Estimate the efficient portfolio and its weights that maximize Sharpe ratio, visualize efficient frontiers, and calculate portfolio risks including portfolio standard deviation, MAD, VaR, and CVaR.

Efficient frontier and optimal portfolio. Portfolio Constraints and Transaction Costs Apply portfolio optimization constraints, including tracking error, linear inequality, linear equality, bound, budget, group, group ratio, average turnover, one-way turnover, minimum number of assets, and maximum number of assets.

Incorporate proportional or fixed transaction costs on either gross or net portfolio return optimization. Efficient frontiers plot of portfolios at various turnover thresholds.

Financial Modeling Analyze cash flow, price basic fixed-income securities and European options, and perform Monte Carlo simulations.

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Cash Flow Analysis Use Financial Toolbox to calculate present and future values; determine nominal, effective, and modified internal rates of return; calculate amortization and depreciation; and determine the periodic interest rate paid on loans or annuities.

Fixed-Income Analysis and Option Pricing Calculate price, yield-to-maturity, duration, and convexity of fixed-income securities. Compute analytics such as complete cash flow date, cash flow amounts, and time-to-cash-flow mapping for bonds. Calculate option prices and greeks using Black and Black-Scholes formulas.

Gamma z-axis height and delta color for a portfolio of call options.

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Single path of a multidimensional market model. Computational Finance Suite The MATLAB Computational Finance Suite is a set of 12 essential products that enables you to develop quantitative applications for risk management, investment management, econometrics, pricing and valuation, insurance, and algorithmic trading.This project is devoted to create an easy and convenient Matlab based toolbox for investigations of AdaBoost based machine learning algorithms.

Adaboost matlab toolbox manual

matlab adaboot工具箱. Contribute to cloudswave/GML_AdaBoost_Matlab_Toolbox_ development by creating an account on GitHub. This report serves as a user manual for the tools available in the Microsoft Research (MSR) Identity Toolbox.

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This toolbox contains a collection of MATLAB tools and routines that can be used for research and development in speaker recognition. Adaboost Matlab Code AdaBoost, short for "Adaptive Boosting", is a machine learning meta-algorithm formulated by Yoav Freund and Robert Schapire who won the prestigious "Gödel Prize" in for their work.

Matlab Image Processing Toolbox, Matlab Wavelet Toolbox and Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox are required. The code provided has to be considered "as is" and it is without any kind of warranty. MATLAB Download & Renewal. MATLAB may be installed on your VCU-owned computer or personally owned computer.

To use MATLAB on your computer, you will need to download MATLAB, install the software and enter a VCU license code.

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