Business plan ausgabenrechner

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Business plan ausgabenrechner

I simply want to apply common sense. An analysis of the past is relevant for today and for the future only in as much as it shows what went wrong in the past and what should be done differently in the future. Let me start with simple cash flows.

FromGreece — that is the Greek economy as a whole including the sovereign state — generated revenues from outside the country of billion EUR.

That consisted of exports of billion EUR and services tourism, shipping, etc. This translates into an average of almost 25 billion EUR per year. By all standards, it is very respectable when a country of about 11 million people generates on average revenues of 25 billion EUR annually from abroad.

Revenues from abroad serve, among others, to facilitate expenses abroad imports. If revenues from abroad amounted to billion EUR duringhow much could Greece have reasonably afforded to spend abroad during this time? If Greece had spent exactly billion abroad, everything would be fine today.

Instead, Greece spent billion EUR abroad for imports. Now, that is quite a deficit! Greece, during this period, spent billion EUR more abroad than she earned abroad. Suppose that half of the Greeks would had been guestworkers in Germany during this period, that they would have earned there sensational incomes and could have saved billion EUR and sent them back to Greece.

Then everything would be fine today.

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Greeks would have generated wealth abroad and sent it back to their country so that their country could enjoy a good standard of living. This is how the Greek economy grew during the s and s.

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Unfortunately, it was not the savings of Greek guestworkers in Germany which financed the domestic standard of living but, instead, it was foreign debt. And foreign banks were more than willing to lend Greeks the money to do that.

Now, please picture for a moment the following: When the money is spent, he has to return to the standard of living of 10 years ago. Debt is not bad per se; it all depends what it is used for.

If a large portion of the debt which Greece took up had been invested in revenue generating projects instead of consumptionGreece would have revenue from these projects today in order to service her debt.

business plan ausgabenrechner

Instead, and to give you only one example, Greece spent billions of Euros on an Olympic village which was expected to develop into a new residential paradise generating a lot of revenue for the state. The project failed and today it even costs the state money to maintain it.

For some time now, foreign debt no longer flows voluntarily to Greece. In other words, the gasoline which drove the growth engine of the Greek economy during the last 10 years and which provided for the standard of living is now gone.

As suggested above, simple mathematics and not economics will now force Greece to return to the standard of living of at least 10 years ago. That is, indeed, bad news but it cannot be changed.

A Euro-exit would accomplish that overnight. What is your opinion? After all the pain which Greeks have already had to accept over the last years, do you think this additional, immediate and enormous pain would be accepted by Greeks peacefully? This is why, today, Greece has to hold on to the Euro.The medical business is much larger than only the physicians and nurses.

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business plan ausgabenrechner

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(Financial Guard), a fiscal control plan involves one-fifth of all medium enterprises. The taxpayers to put under control are selected (Einnahmen-Ausgaben Rechner) or double entry accounting (Bilanzierer).

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The tax allowance for invested profits can be used by self-employed persons and freelancers in Austria (IT-business, (IT-business.

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