Is nascar a sport

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Is nascar a sport

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Be prepared for a lot of hard work and luck. Drivers must be in top physical condition and have quick reflexes. Today's drivers are slim with toned muscles.

Is nascar a sport

They must be available to answer questions from fans and sign autographs. Drivers are not just skilled in racing at high speeds, they are also entertainers who please their audiences with their personalities. Many drivers start off at a very early age racing go-karts, then they move up to full-size cars.

You must enroll in a racing school, such as the course offered by the Sports Car Club of America, and earn a competition license to enter races. Aspiring drivers participate in as many races as they can afford to gain experience and recognition.

Drivers must have a thorough understanding of every system in a car and how they work. While all racing teams have sophisticated technology and equipment, they still rely on feedback from the drivers to tell them how the car is performing.

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A college degree is not required, but it's good to have one in case the racing career doesn't work out. This is a list of the top earners:NASCAR is a sport that involves drivers using a high level of fitness, and the participants are also competing with other opponents.

Drivers must use athletic features, such as hand-eye coordination and reaction movements, in order to gain an advantage.

Edwards, who surprised many in NASCAR with an abrupt retirement from NASCAR in January, told STL Motorsport Magazine on Sunday he is ready to get back behind the wheel.

Is nascar a sport

“I have a feeling I will. May 02,  · The television ratings from Talladega — one of NASCAR’s most famous tracks — were eye-opening. The race delivered a national rating on . A top NASCAR driver can earn millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and sponsorship of products.

However, the road to earning top money is through racing on dirt tracks, technical education and experience.


Aspiring drivers can expect to earn only six figures before reaching the asphalt supertracks. NASCAR live race coverage, latest news, race results, standings, schedules, and driver stats for Monster Energy, XFINITY, Camping World Truck Series.

NASCAR Expands Agreement With Lionel Racing to Include Mass Retail. Lionel Racing — The Official Die-Cast of NASCAR — is now the sport's official mass retail .

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