Sunbeam case

Like many corporations, the firm has survived many crises. Today, Sunbeam has grown into a well-known brand of consumer products used for cooking, health care, and personal care. In the company began manufacturing electrical appliances, one of the first being a clothes iron.

Sunbeam case

Peter Stanwick, Auburn University, Department of Management No part of this case may be reproduced without the consent of the authors. The authors gratefully Sunbeam case the receipt of a Daniel F.

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Breeden Endowment for Faculty Enhancement Grant. Albert "Chainsaw Al" Dunlap took over the reins at Sunbeam Corporation in July in a hire meant to provide the company with a turnaround in the small appliance industry.

His plan involved massive cuts to the company's product lines, plant closings and major cutbacks in the number of employees at Sunbeam.

Sunbeam case

He called for the same types of cutbacks at previous companies he headed, including Scott Paper. Highlights from Albert Dunlap's Career Source: New York Times, December 23, Sunbeam: In OctoberDunlap announced that his turnaround plan for the company was complete. By Junethe company's directors had fired "Chainsaw Al", commenting that they had "lost confidence" in his leadership Sunbeam case Los Angeles Times, June 16, At the same time, he announced plans to close eight more plants and fire approximately 6, more employees.

By MarchDunlap announced that the company planned to buy three additional companies: Coleman, Signature Brands and First Alert. Many suspected that these purchases were meant to disguise losses through writeoffs www.

Why the sudden drop? Barron's Online June 8, reported several areas related to accounting matters that seem to point to the sudden discovery of a manufactured earnings report: As described in the article, the "huge restructuring charge in made it a lost year anyway, so Sunbeam prepaid everything it could, ranging from advertising and packaging costs to insurance premiums and various inventory expenses.

This resulted, as the article explains, because reserves for product warranties and other items were drained down in and creating additional net income for the year.

These reserves and other items were created during the restructuring. The effect of this devaluation allowed the company to lower its depreciation and amortization expenses in The article explains that this was likely the result from costs like product development, new packaging, advertising and marketing initiatives being capitalized instead of expensed in the year they were incurred.

This may mean that the company was shifting fixed overhead costs to the income statement as part of the value of inventory until the inventory is sold. Shifting of revenues from late into early may have occurred. According to the article, the company was accused of sending more inventory than ordered to customers or shipping goods after an order had been cancelled.

The company said that computer glitches occurred which were responsible for these inventory problems.

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Because of all of the problems surrounding Sunbeam during this time, the company had to delay a bond offering registration with the SEC because their auditors were withholding the necessary opinion on the financial statements until the company and the SEC completed their reviews of the financial statements The New York Times, June 26, The investigation would center around recording the sales of barbeque grills too early.

The company announced on June 30, that the financial statements issued for may require a restatement because of inaccuracies.

Sunbeam case

Early in Augustthe company announced that it would be restating the results ofpart of and possibly because of improper accounting practices. One analyst said that he forsees "more likely challenges from the lenders and the very real possibility that this company could go Chapter 11" The Baltimore Sun, August 7, Dunlap expressed his outrage with the questioning of the financial statements during his tenure.

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In an interview on CNN's Moneyline, Dunlap stated, " I'm outraged that people would say somehow I had something to do with the numbers I have zero reason not to believe them, because that's what the accountants said.

That's what the outside auditors said.The name Australians trust. Selected for both design and manufacturing, NX™ software enables Sunbeam to manage workflow – from concept through design and rapid prototyping to integrated manufacture.

Household appliances like irons and kettles may look deceptively simple, but behind each product lies an enormous design challenge. May 18,  · Just how Sunbeam found those profits, and how the auditors resisted and then caved in, provides the most interesting part of the fraud case filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against.

Sunbeamtech is a computer hardware manufacture started 11 years ago, in , and are based out of Taiwan. When first created, they speciliazed in something rather different, CCFL, Cold Cathode Florescent Lighting. AMA and Sunbeam have a duty to preserve all the discovery materials in this case.

Both parties are on notice that AAPS, or AMA members, may seek further legal relief for the AMA's breach of fiduciary duty in entering into the contract with Sunbeam.

In , Sunbeam, a home-appliance maker whose origins date to the development of electricity, found its stock price trading at an all-time low. Find great deals on eBay for sunbeam case.

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